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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mothers Intuition

Mother's intuition baffles me sometimes. How is it, when a child is blocks away at school, I can still sense what's going on? I was hoping to pop out for a bit today, before collecting the LadyBugs from school, but something kept nagging at me: Stay here, you're going to get a phone call about Rowan.

Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, the Educational Assistant was calling. Rowan's glucose goal is to be somewhere between 6 - 15 mmol/L. Her lunchtime reading was 28.4 mmol/L. She tells me she has a headache and a stuffed up nose, and her number would support that claim (they always go wonky when she's fighting off something). So here we are at home now, just the two of us. An afternoon of administering insulin and urinalysis. Hopefully this time, I won't get peed on up until my wrist. She always finds that hilarious. Almost as hilarious as me showing up at the school in my pajamas. Every pair of pants I own is in the washing machine. Why couldn't my intuition had warned me about THAT???

Attached is a photograph taken just now, showing the big purple circles under her eyes. This is always a tell-tale sign that something is off, either high or low. Regardless, the purple rings always appear.

Fingers crossed she will be able to attend swimming lessons tonight.

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