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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Quickly The Mighty Fall...

At noon, Rowan wasn't quite ready for lunch (according to our lazy day eating schedule), and she was acting particularly cranky. A red flag for a diabetic child. I checked her glucose, and she was at 12.9. She is supposed to be anywhere between 4 - 15 mmol/L, so she was in an okay range.

Just a few moments ago "Mama, I feel low" :

"Alright, so come here into the kitchen where I'm making lunch, and we'll check your magic #"

"But it feels like I can hardly walk" and she very slowly and dramatically comes into the kitchen

Keep in mind this is less than an hour later, and her number was 2.2. An emergency for her. Instantly rewarded with a juice box while she waits another five minutes for lunch.

It never fails to amaze me how when she is going to crash, how quickly it all goes down.

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