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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Imminent Threat

I was contacted by BC Children's Hospital, I e-mail them Rowan's glucose numbers for the week. They are concerned by her morning lows... it's a rare morning that she wakes above 4 mmol/L. They have notified me that Rowan is, for the time being, at imminent and severe risk of seizures in the morning. Consequently, we've changed her sliding scale for her morning Novo Rapid dose, and are also altering her NPH morning dose. The hospital has also advised me to begin adding cornstarch to Rowan's milk or yogurt at bedtime snack. She's not much of a milk girl, and I can't see cornstarch infused milk going over well. Hopefully she won't notice a difference in taste or texture of cornstarch enhanced yogurt.

In the meantime, I am taping my emergency plan onto the kitchen wall, and my bedroom wall, complete with pictures of the recovery position, trying to eliminate any chance of panic when she does seize. I've been told point blank "not if... when". Big sigh.

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