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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ode To The Pancreas....

Ten years ago, I didn't give much thought to a pancreas. I remembered it briefly, from dissecting a perch in Grade 10 science class, but aside from that, I didn't give it much thought.

In 2004, my oldest was three and my youngest was six months old. My biological father passed away of pancreatic cancer. He and I had a rather tortured relationship, and I hadn't been in contact with him in the last 15 years of his lifetime. However, I did have the opportunity to speak with him on the phone (I don't know why I agreed, but I did), yet he never made mention of his illness, or how quickly he was demising.

I received news two months later that he was dead. Like I said, it was a tortured relationship, and I was just grateful that perhaps now that he had passed, I would have closure. I should have only been so lucky. What I did learn, is that when you have built your personal values and beliefs on a faulty foundation, when that foundation crumbles, everything else shifts and is at risk of peril. I survived, and focused on raising my two beautiful daughters.

But this year, the pancreas made another return performance in my life, when my youngest Rowan was diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic. Today, the pancreas and insulin are the sun in my Universe. Anything to keep this little girl healthy and happy.

Today.... I wonder if there is a connection between diabetes and pancreatic cancer. I haven't had much success in researching it. Given the rarity of pancreatic cancer. But if that rarity struck my family once, I can only pray that my little girl never has to face the same reality. The thought that his genetics could complicate things for her any further is enough to make my blood boil. Diabetes is enough for her. I pray that she is spared any further pancreatic issues. As for him, I like to consider his pancreatic cancer as kharma. I know that sounds harsh, but it's not said with anger, just realism.

In the meantime, Rowan howls with laughter at this video. So here it is for your perverse pancreatic enjoyment!

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