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Sunday, December 5, 2010

By George, She Might Be Getting This!!!

We were getting ready to make the hour's drive to attend a children's christmas party my employer throws once a year. They have tons of different stations and activities to entertain little ones, one of which is decorating a gingerbread man.

"Mama.... can I eat my gingerbread man after I've decorated it?" Rowan asks me pensively, with huuuuuuge chestnut brown eyes.

"Well, how did they taste last year?" I inquire.

"They were old, and pretty stale" she comments

"Really? They gave you old cookies to decorate?" Good to know I'm thinking to myself

"Yea.... but I ate it anyways" she says kind of proudly.

"Well, what happens when you're blood sugar gets really high?" I ask her gently

"What do you mean Mama?"

"I mean, how do you feel when you're blood sugar gets really high?"

"I get a tummy ache, and a head ache, and my body hurts all over" her words full of melancholy.

"Well.... you could eat it if you want. But is it worth feeling that way for an old stale cookie?"

"No... it's not. I'm going to decorate it, and give it to Daddy!" There's laughter in my head

So it seems like she's beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I can eat whatever I want, but I'll get a needle, and feel like junk. That's a pretty impressive lesson for a six year old. I know drunks who still can't stop drinking, despite how they feel the next morning.

As it was, we didn't even decorate the gingerbread men..... I "lost" the ticket. Sheesh, I hate it when that happens!

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