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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Diabetic Complications

So our dreaded "diabetic complications" seem to have begun.

For the last few weeks, Rowan has had a particularily nasty looking infection on her big toe. We saw the doctor, were instructed to soak it twice a day in Betadine. Three days ago, it was once again looking like a normal toe. Today, however, the festering pussy mess is back. It hurts for her to walk on, or put a sock on. Back to the doctor's office we go... and this time returned with a prescription antibiotic (which is particularily yucky tasting) that she's to take four times a day for the next week. If the infection hasn't cleared up... the doctor wants to remove her big toe nail.

Now one part of me is able to rationalize it that it would only be a toenail they'd be removing. Not a toe... not a foot. It could be so much worse. But this is my baby we're talking about. My baby who's life turned upside down 08/09/10 and everyday since then. I just want her to be able to go through life as "normally" as possible, and was hoping to avoid these complications.

If the "amputations" start this early. Then what will be next? This is my baby, not some parts car waiting to be stripped.

She's been through so much already, and the last thing I want to do is have to hold her down (once more) at the doctor's office when he injects freezing with three different needles into her small little seven year old big toe. She came into the world with that toenail.... and I was planning on her leaving the world with it to.

Maybe I'm being to sensitive. Maybe I'm being too maternal and protective. Maybe I'm just tired of watching her struggle and suffer.

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