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Friday, April 15, 2011


Dear Friends: The tragic loss in Australia this past week has the Type 1 Diabetic community reminded of exactly how precious and fragile life with T1D is.

News spread fast about a fifteen year old girl (type 1 diabetic) who died in her sleep. Sadly, this is not uncommon for diabetics and parents of diabetic children are warned of such. Referred to as "dead in bed syndrome" it is a condition in which a person with diabetes goes to bed at night, seemingly fine, but never wakes up.

My breathing goes shallow, and my gut clenched, I can't explain the anxiety when sneaking in to your child's room at night, praying she is still breathing. Not satisfied until I've felt the rise and fall of her chest under my hand. Every night this potential stalks me, prevents me from deep sleep.

More than 285 million people have diabetes worldwide. I'm going to try not to sound sanctimonious, because while I wish the very best for the 285 million, I am more worried about finding a cure for my seven year old daughter Rowan. I need a cure for my worry as I lay her to sleep at night. I need a cure for my anxiety, as I send her off to school with fingers crossed so tight they are tied in knots. I need a cure that will allow my little girl to be just that.... a little girl. Not having to worry about the time, where her glucose testing kit is, free to just enjoy jumping on a trampoline, without the fear of hypoglycemia... or worse yet, when Mom's going to appear carrying that unexpected needle.

It's a fine line between expressing how this disease has affected Rowan, her sister and myself, without sounding like a fear-monger. But we live on the knife's edge trying to savour everyday, hoping it won't be her last healthy day. My Rowan, and so many other type 1 diabetic children need a cure. Now. I need to be able to breathe again.

We are participating in this year's JDRF TELUS Walk To Cure Diabetes this June 12th. With a hopeful heart, I ask that you please consider making a donation to Rowan's Recruits in pursuit of a cure. After all, she's only seven, she can't fight this all on her own. Our fundraising page may be viewed at: www.jdrf.ca/walk please 'search' the team name Rowan's Recruits to support our mission. Every dollar will make a difference!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this, maybe to walk in our shoes for a minute, and for perhaps considering making a contribution towards the discovery of a cure.

With gratitude, and prayers of good health for your loved ones... Krystin

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