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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well today was "Rowan's Recruits" car wash. Our fundraiser for the JDRF TELUS Walk To Cure Diabetes June 12th. I hadn't done this before, heck, I hadn't really fundraised before T1D came into our lives. I was terribly nervous: did I have enough volunteers, did I have enough supplies, what if no cars came to be washed? I prepared myself that even if we made $10, it would still be $10 more than the team had yesterday.

The first twenty minutes were kind of stark, so we washed each other's cars. You know... look busy. But things turned around, and the sun came out, and there were actually times when we had vehicles WAITING to be washed.

I learned today that my tears can be very helpful with fundraising. These aren't crocodile tears, no, no, no.... this issue is very close to my heart. I learned that a little kid who will look up at someone with big brown sad eyes, accept the $10 donation, and say "thank you very much for your money. I really hope it helps me with a cure", well, that $10 turns into $20. And a mother who's overwhelmed by a stranger's generosity, causing tears to stream down her face (again, unintentionally, all very sincere) can turn $20 into $60.

At the end of the two hour wash, Rowan's Recruits had raised over $300!! Not too shabby considering I was terribly afraid it would be a bust. I'm very excited to announce that we are now at 66% of our fundraising goal. Please forgive me if I choose to deal with the remaining 34% tomorrow.

I would very much like to thank the Mission Esso gas station, Valerie J my team co-captain, and her littlest recruit for their assistance. I would also like to thank the Peltier family who drove 30 minutes to help another type 1 diabetic family that they hadn't physically met before. I would like to thank Lisa H and her recruit for their assistance. I'd like to thank the family of one of Rowan's classmates, who very generously donated many, many sponges AND a hose nozzle. Everyone who brought their own car washing supplies, thank you. I'd like to thank a special little girl named Chasey for standing proudly with her JDRF Car Wash sign at the end of the McDonalds drive-thru station. I would also like to thank Kim, who in her late teens, took two hours out of her Saturday afternoon to shake her 'thang and wave a car wash sign. I would like to thank EVERYBODY who donated, whether they had a car to wash or not. I can't begin to express my gratitude without getting choked up again.

To all whom have contributed to Rowan's Recruits fundraising efforts before today, THANK YOU! We wouldn't be at 66% of our fundraising goal without your earlier contributions.

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