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Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, ironically enough, diabetes has opened our eyes to things we might not have otherwise been able to see.

Rowan has begun testing herself in the last few weeks. Right away, I noticed that she had difficulty differentiating between 2 and 5. Harmless enough, she's only in Grade 1, I thought nothing more of it.

But it has been happening more and more, that not only is she confused as to which number it is, she is now often flipping the entire number around. I learned recently that I need to verify her number on the meter instead of taking her word.

She woke up the other morning, tested herself, came to my bed (it was a weekend) and told me her number was 7.1. I, thank heavens, asked to see the meter. She wasn't 7.1.... she was actually 1.7 (seriously, SERIOUSLY hypoglycemic).

I asked her today if she has problems with numbers and letters. I'm not able to get into her head, so there's no way I can tell what she's seeing. She confirmed what I suspected: alot of the letters appear reversed and move on the page to her. Guess I'm talking to the teacher tomorrow, and the principal. I don't know what the process is for dyslexic kids, but her father is seriously dyslexic, and I guess L'il Bones inherited the gene.

But before I go off "this too, what next?!?!?"... I give thanks that she ONLY has Type 1 diabetes and dyslexia. I can think of so many worse things to be diagnosed with. Thank you higher power, for doing right by my little one. Appreciate it.

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