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Friday, April 1, 2011

Testing My Abilities

Well, there is a birthday party this evening for a little friend of Rowan's, and it should be an interesting test of my diabetic abilities. The last time she had cake, it did not go over well.

A key part of Rowan's diabetic care, is that she be fed every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Not just fed, that would be too simple. We've got restricted meal plans limiting her carbohydrate intake, dairy intake, fruit intake, etc.

I had to connect with the birthday Mom today, to estimate when they would be eating. The reason for the inquiry, was so that I could gradually "slide" Rowan's snacks to accomodate a later meal. I think eating with her peers is important, and would hate for her to have to watch everyone.

So the plan is to switch her dinnertime meal, with her bedtime snack meal. I'm hoping to get some carb into her by 5pm, and hopefully that will expand her window to be able to included with the celebratory dinner.

Then comes the matter of cake. I'll be honest: I'm dreading this worst of all. As I mentioned, the last time she had cake, she skyrocketed and didn't come down for hours. It wasn't pretty.

In the last seven months since her diagnosis, I've pretty much stuck to the restrictions of the meal plan. I know that I can give her extra insulin to accomodate more foods, but somehow or another, I never seemed to retain the information as to determining HOW much extra insulin to give her. Of course, this was conveniently the one day that no one was in at our pediatric diabetes clinic. So I'm flying solo in the wind.

I'm planning on giving her an extra unit of her evening Novo Rapid, in addition to what she requires on her personal sliding scale. I have huge anxiety about inadvertently giving her too much. But I guess that's why this feels like a test.

Relax Krystin, this is a test. Only a test. Should it develop into an actual medical emergency.... well, then I guess I've screwed up.

Fingers crossed!

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