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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Global Television:

My family were proud participants in the 2011 TELUS Walk To Cure Diabetes, benefitting the research efforts of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's quest for a cure to type 1 diabetes. My seven year old daughter was diagnosed type 1 diabetic last summer, with absolutely no family history of the disease. We were proud to see the Global VW Beetle vehicle at the Fraser Valley Walk. Your newscast is on in our home everynight at 6pm, and your anchors feel almost like family. So you can imagine my disappointment when there was utterly NO coverage of the walk in any of your broadcasts. 300,000 Canadians are living with type 1 diabetes. A chronic life-long (sometimes life threatening) illness. It is an unfortunate position to be in, when you have to resort to fundraising yourself, in an effort for a cure for your small innocent child, to be discovered. With coverage, awareness is increased. With increased awareness and knowledge, fundraising is that much easier. I know that your station promotes fundraising for Children's Hospital, and a variety of different cancer walks. Which makes the omission of the Walk To Cure Diabetes that much more disappointing. The representation of your station without coverage made your presence seem like a cheap advertising ploy.

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