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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Girl... And Her Purse

It started over summer vacation. Rowan wanted the independence of playing throughout the neighbourhood, so she needed something to carry her testing supplies and rescue snack in.

It started out with a fanny pack. Until one afternoon I overloaded it and busted the zipper.

Now we've moved on to purses. This girl LOVES purses. You want to make her day? Take her to the second hand store and grab her some small handbags.

She's become very responsible with them, she always makes me laugh as I watch from the balcony, her peddle off on her bike, her basket overflowing with a bottle of water, her diabetic purse, and her trusty walkie-talkie. Man, she beams when she rides off! Like she's free... even for just a moment.

Back to purses. They are by her side all of the time.

Tonight, I wanted to test her before bed, and I couldn't for the life of me find her purse. Normally we announce where it is before she goes to bed, so we aren't bumbling around in the middle of the night searching for it.

Finally it occurs to me to check in my room, where she ended up later in the night. My bed. Always my bed.

Sure enough, there it is. In her sleepy state she managed to still remember it, and lugged it in with her, dropping it right at her bedside.

I'm starting to think I should let her be responsible for my car keys and cell phone. She's good!

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