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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sad News...

The diabetic community lost one of their own again this week, Sarah 15.

When news travels of the passing of a type one child (and it travels quickly, let me tell you) every mother mourns. It may not have been our child, but could so easily have been. We have walked the same paths, whether we were side by side or not. We have worried, we have rallied, we hoped, we have prayed.... all for the same thing. A cure for our children.

Sarah, you must have been a brave girl, for it's the nature of the disease: it requires bravery. You have earned your angel wings honorably. You displayed more courage than most adults will ever know in their lifetimes.

It is with tremendous sadness that I say there will be no more finger pokes. There will be no more insulin injections. There will be no more emergent lows, no more worried highs. Sarah, may you find a level of peace in Heaven, that is not attainable on Earth trapped in the body of a type one diabetic.

You were so much more than a type one diabetic. One more label for you to have worn. For all of them to wear. We will carry on in our pursuit of a cure, your name scarred across our hearts. You will not have passed in vain. There will be a cure, and when that day comes, I know you'll be dancing with us in Heaven.

My heartfelt condolences to your heartbroken family, friends and community.
Peace be with you.

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