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Friday, February 3, 2012

With *tremendous* gratitude!

It is with TREMENDOUS gratitude and unbelievable excitement that I announce the Bella Fund has REACHED it's goal!!!!

Bella was rescued from the mean streets of Saskatchewan, and brought to British Columbia, but had not YET met her forever home.

We were looking for a hunting breed of dog to assist Rowan in recognizing her low blood sugar. Diabetic Alert Dog's are trained to specifically sense the change in body chemistry when an individual is experiencing hypoglycemia.

Bella has not yet received her diabetic training, but has already recognized three lows. Note to self: when dog is acting wonky, get Rowan to test. She hasn't failed yet!

The Bella Fund was created to assist with veterinarian costs in getting this beautiful rescued dog vaccinations, spayed, de-wormed, and all that other fun first veterinarian visit type stuff.

I knew my friends and the community were generous. But I was honestly astonished that we were able to raise the money in little over twenty four hours.

So on behalf of myself, my daughters the LadyBugs (particularly Rowan) and ESPECIALLY Bella, THANK YOU for helping us nurture this rescue dog. The rescue dog who in turns rescues my 7yr old daughter, and the circle of rescuing continues unendless.

I would also like to send a special shout out in gratitude of our landlord R.S. who agreed to let us bring a dog into the home to assist with Rowan's medical needs.

My heart is buoyant with hope and gratitude.

Thank you. Thank you all. Even if it was just $5 or piggy-bank money, THANK YOU!!

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