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I am blessed to be parenting two beautiful girls, ages eight and eleven. My youngest nearly lost her life at age six (August 2010) to diabetic ketoacidosis: an often fatal consequences of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. This is OUR journey: raw and sometimes, uncensored.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pocket Sized Moments Of Perfection

Sometimes they are so fleeting, they don't get acknowledged: those peaceful moments where everything is right in your world.

As I type this, no children are fighting. No one is complaining they are hungry. Blood glucose is in safe range. Dog isn't trying to stalk or hunt the cat. Heck, my oldest is even willingly taking the dog outside to pee. There is balance and dare I say it.... harmony!

The trick is to RECOGNIZE those pocket sized moments of perfection in the day. To focus on the static, the negativity, the impending disasters, the seemingly never-ending list of chores, that is to doom yourself and your day.

So I challenge you to recognize and seize a pocked sized moment of perfection today. Perhaps in doing so, they will sustain us when rocky waves starting battering our shores.

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