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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

D Blog Week, Prompt Number Three

Prompt number three for diabetic blog week:  one thing you could improve at.

Just one thing?  Wait. I hear laughter in my head.

After careful consideration, my one thing will be this saying: "You do not have to attend every argument that you are invited to".  What does that have to do with diabetes you might ask? Well, honestly, if you're asking me that, I suspect you don't have a diabetic child in your care.

I have found in our almost two years from diagnosis, that much of this disease is in fact a fight.  A fight for medical coverage, a fight for physical safety at school, a fight for awareness, etc.  There's more, but honestly, I don't have the "spunk" to rattle off any other fights right now.

Things they don't tell you at diagnosis.  There will be days that you think Diabetes, should in fact be called Fightabetes.

So what is the one thing I could improve at: conserving my energy.  Choosing not to RSVP to every "fight" every argument, every advocacy opportunity.

As a single parent, I only have two hands, and honestly, only one mouth. I've got two ears, but my two children have already staked a claim on which ones belong to them.  I don't have the luxury of 'tagging' my partner into an advocacy battle.  It's me, little old me.   Managing my daughter diabetes takes enough of my energy, that I don't have much more to spare by dinnertime, let alone, rattle the chains of bureacracy to fight for equality.

Yes... it seems that at 39 years of age, Krystin might *possibly* be learning how to choose her battles.  Maybe. But don't hold me to it, heaven knows, I just might argue the opinion.

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