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I am blessed to be parenting two beautiful girls, ages eight and eleven. My youngest nearly lost her life at age six (August 2010) to diabetic ketoacidosis: an often fatal consequences of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. This is OUR journey: raw and sometimes, uncensored.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week

So apparently, this week (May 14 - 20) is diabetic blog week. It gets better: it's the third annual diabetic blog week!! I'm kind of scratching my head. I *know* I'm not the only diabetes blogger out there (note I said diabetes blogger, not 'diabetic blogger'), but I didn't realize we had a WEEK!  Is there a parade I should know about as well? Really. I'll bring confetti. And what else am I in the dark about?

I realize it doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but what a surprise, Krystin's rebelling. More accurately: I'm doing it the night before, because if I wait until Monday, it's debatable whether it will be done at all).

The prompt for the first day of Diabetic Blog Week is: Find A Friend. Sharing our favourite D blogs and bloggers. So here they are, my favourite unsung heroes and heroines.  Drumroll please:

 A Diabetic Ballerina

Mom Of An Extra Sweet Insulin Challenged Girl

Socks and Underwear: It's A Good Day

Kayla's Life Notes

Six Until Me

The We Cara Lot Blog

Honestly... there are a gazillion more diabetes blogs. More and more are coming along everyday. I'm looking forward to discovering fellow "D" bloggers. 

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